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The Possible Consequences Of Voip Misuse

As in everything else in life, the fast-evolving VoIP technology brings about both opportunities and challenges that users must face in equal measure. Most of the opportunities that can be gained from VoIP are well-discussed, as these relate mostly to improvements in business processes that lead to minimized telephone expenses, heightened productivity and ultimately, increased income.

On the other side of the coin are challenges and windows for abuse in VoIP systems that could get one in real trouble. These matters are less talked about, often because most people are not aware of these things. Those who are familiar also generally avoid discussing these, as they don't want to unduly raise alarms and make people wary of VoIP. Among these issues are:

Free VoIP
First, VoIP is usually not free. Free VoIP service is available if both the caller and receiver are calling via the Internet using SIP, XMPP or a third party application like Skype.

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