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Mobile Number Portability

Here is a Step By Step Approach on Switching your Mobile Operator while retaining the same Phone Number.

  • Subscriber sends SMS to Donor (existing operator) on '1900'
  • You should send an SMS – PORT <10 Digit Mobile Number> to 1900. For example – PORT 9884098840 if your mobile number is 9884098840
  • Subscribe receives a 8-digit Unique Porting Code (UPC) from '1901'.
  • Subscriber to visit the operator's (Recipient) store and fill up a 1-page application form mentioning the UPC and may be required to show the SIM card for authenticity. May have to pay migration fees (maximum of INR19) depending on Recipient's policy. Will be issued a new SIM card by the Recipient.
  • Subscriber will have to apply for all value-added services including Ring tones, Voice mail activation etc. For all purposes the Recipient to treat it as a new application. So none of the existing services will be automatically transferred.
  • Recipient informs the Donor about the customer's decision to switch
  • Donor likely to check with the Subscriber on the reasons for the switch and may try to retain by offering some attractive schemes
  • If Subscriber decides to stay and not switch then will have to submit a cancellation request within 24 hours to the recipient by visiting the store and hand over the new SIM card.
  • Donor will get 24 hours to either retain or arrange to port the subscriber. If Donor fails to inform clearing house on either action the process to switch will commence automatically at the end of the 24-hour deadline.
  • The switch over to take place between 10pm and 5am. The subscriber to remain disconnected for a maximum of two hours.
  • Recipient to start the mandatory subscriber verification procedure.